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Beyond the Bassinet is an original program designed by Eileen Crawford to meet the educational and support needs for first-time parents.  While there has been a long-time emphasis on teaching the physical changes of pregnancy and the practical caretaking lessons for new Moms, Eileen has found in her couples practice that far too many couples get "off track" when babies arrive, and many do not find their way back to each other.  Beyond the Bassinet is an Educational and Consultation program, designed to teach and support couples during the greatest transition in their lives:  from we to family. It addresses the emotional and relationship changes that occur in the months prior to baby's arrival, on through the first year of adjustment to parenthood. 

From the comfort of your home, you can join a class with other first-time parents to learn about the unexpected (and well-hidden) challenges to couple relationships that are common; what to expect, and what to do to ensure that your romantic bond survives and thrives after the hurricane that is a new baby in the house.  Beyond the Bassinet is a research-based program based on the successful couple functioning research of John and Julie Gottman of the University of Washington, along with other social science and medical researchers in relationship functioning and infant brain development.

Beyond the Bassinet is designed to be utilized in two components: educational classes during the last trimester, and private consultative appointments with Eileen Crawford, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and certified Educator in the Gottman Institute's Bringing Baby Home program, during the first three months after baby's birth.

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