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Living In a Tangle: COVID Cobwebs

Has COVID-19 created so much brain commotion that you sometimes feel your thinking is tangled in cobwebs? If so, you are not alone.

Welcome to new readers from #PonteVedra and surrounding areas. I have been writing for 20 years on all things mental health-related, and today is just one more unique, tangled set of hours in the year 2020 that none of us could have imagined just six months ago.

#COVID has not just threatened our bodies but is playing ping pong with our minds as well.

The last three months did not just stop, then freeze, and now slowly re-start our lives, they created a good deal of havoc within our brain cylinders. Everything we thought we knew has been tossed upside down, and blown to the four winds. We face more questions than we have answers, and at times it can leave us grasping for words, knowledge, or thoughts that just a few months ago would have been top-of-mind.

Exercise to Stay Sharp

If you find yourself more #forgetful, fuzzy thinking, or #cloudy, do not panic. When faced with #stress over an extended period of time, the brain will try to adapt by setting its own boundaries to entry. In doing so, it may be tough to recall some of the long-filed info that used to be so easy to retrieve. The brain is exercising to stay sharp by concentrating on managing immediate threats - do I need a mask? Should I walk into that crowded store? How long should I stay here? Your brain is working as hard as ever; it has just re-prioritized what it needs to do. As it learns to adapt to its perceived threat, it will again revert to a more calm and relaxed state, allowing all those trivial micro-bites of info we keep in empty shoe boxes up there to be unpacked.

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