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Sunrise Means More Than You Think

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Whoever coined the English words "#sunset" and "#Sunrise", to define the last and first viewable arrival of our favorite star on the horizon, must have been a mother.

No one knows more than a mother about saying farewell to the day. For her, there are never enough hours to get it all done. For her children, there are often too many. Sunset gives us permission to put it all to rest. Let it set. Once the sun goes down and the eyelids do too, we can say "farewell" to the list of things we did not complete. We can wave "au revoir!' to our missteps, losses and disappointments. It's "arrivederci!" to our accomplishments too - they become yesterday's news! It is game, set, match for that start and stop on one 24 hour cycle of time.

The dark and quiet of night set the stage for the big performance to come: Sunrise. And the emphasis is on RISE.

As dawn breaks and we are met with the brilliant "hello" from its kaleidoscope sky, we are reminded that we have been granted another "do-over", another chance to finish the list, play harder, think faster, fix what's broken, or build what doesn't yet exist. From this industry, we will #rise and lift ourselves, and in doing that, lift our small piece of the world.

The setting and then rising sun are time's markers for each of us, but they are more than that. They come to calm us, forgive us, and encourage us. They are our pat on the back for a job well done, and our inspiration for what is to come.

So when the day ends, let your regrets end with it. And when it begins, turn your hopes into plans, and feel the joy that comes with the beauty of an untouched morning

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